We’re concerned about the planet and our impact on it. That’s why we sell products for the home or Guest House that are made from a natural fibre, are upcycled , re-cycled or long-lasting. Local excellent quality products. Great products that don’t cost the Earth .

We have searched long and hard for local manufacturers who match this criteria, who pride themselves on quality and service and the “personal touch”. Some of our suppliers consist of only one person, some employ staff but each one produces excellent products that you would be proud to own. Our pure down duvets for example have a”Lifetime” Guarantee. In this era of bottom-line motivation, who else can say that? Our Pure Silk duvets come straight off the farm where 50 local women are employed.

Our felt and handwoven products are made by the ladies of a disadvantaged community . Each product sold helps them put food on the table and clothe their children. Help us to help them.

Ann Mackrill of AnnMack Distributors

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