How to keep your white percale white!

White 100% cotton percale needs to be washed in hot water in order to remain white . If your white percale is a little less than lovely, wash it at a really hot temperature  for one wash ( 90 degrees) and see what happens. We recommend at least 50 degrees every third wash and 30-40 degrees every other wash. Avoid the use of Fabric Softeners. They contain waxy substances that leave a residue on percale making it appear greyish in colour over time.

Avoid the use of bleach as this deteriorates the fibres and can cause yellowing over time. Tumble or air dry but be careful not to over- dry your percale as that will make it difficult to iron. Dampen the bedding before ironing and use a steam iron and voila, easy peasy.

Remove stains before you wash your bedding otherwise you could “set” the stain.

Sticking to these guidelines means that your percale will be bright and new looking for much longer and won’t lose that lovely Percale Crackle when you make your bed in the morning.