Why sleep under a Silk Duvet?

Although silk is a widely recognized fibre ( in fact its a protein not a fibre ) , not many people have had the opportunity to sleep under it. How to describe it. Light? Yes, that it is, almost impossibly so. Its hard to imagine that such a thin layer would have any chance of keeping a sleeper warm let alone comfortable. Many people love big puffy duvets. Silk duvets are not puffy nor are they big. Depending on size they can weigh around a kg.
I’ve had the privilege of visiting the actual silk farm in Mmpumalanga where the whole process takes place. I’ve observed the silk process from the moth mating stage right through to the silkworms spinning the silk that will later be used in the making of each duvet. I’ve watched duvets being made by highly skilled ladies who sing while they work. Needless to say, silk farming is incredibly labour intensive and scientific. The farm is situated in the middle of a pristine forest , far away from any chemical spray-drift. Of prime importance to us is that we don’t boil our silkworms alive as is common practice in most parts of the world. We remove the larvae from each cocoon to preserve our genetic line.
What does it feel like to sleep under a silk duvet ? Well its light but within seconds your body feels comfortable. Not hot, not cold, just right ….like the 3 Little Bears 🙂
For anyone suffering from hot flushes, silk is the perfect fibre to sleep under. It seems to thermo regulate , no more tossing and turning. Of course choosing the correct duvet is also key. For summer and hot climates we recommend our Summer weight duvet. This is also a good alternative for people who are “hot ” generally.
For the colder months one could consider our Autumn option. Its twice as thick as the summer duvet but is still not puffy and thick. We also sell a Duo option which consists of a summer and autumn pack with tie options in case it REALLY gets cold. Our silk filaments are encased in 200 threadcount pure cotton percale to further enhance the sleep experience.
We consider sleeping under silk the ultimate sleeping experience. Nothing beats a really good nights sleep where you wake up refreshed and ready for the day. We think the outlay is worth it…its an outlay you only make once .

silk duvet
Pure silk encased in pure cotton percale