Earth-friendly products that don’t cost the Earth

If you’re looking for natural, Earth-friendly products , then you’re in the right place.


Our HOME section, packed with natural fibre options for the home.

Our HANDMADE section comprising a delightful collection of HAND-MADE treasures from the four corners of South Africa.

Our HOSPITALITY section, where we bring a little “natural” into the Guest House or Boutique Hotel.

We are an owner-managed  business  committed to sourcing and finding only the best  natural fibre  products available in South Africa.   Everything you need under one roof. We support owner-run businesses, the man on the ground who makes the products. Our products are supplied direct from them to you.

We support the hard working business owners; The dedicated felter who works with an underprivileged community passing on her valuable skills.

The passionate hand-weaver who still weaves on an original wooden loom.  She employs and uplifts many people in her local community, creating authentic items such as our table cloths, napkins and towels.

The  creative felter from Cape Town who makes works of beauty in felt , merino and silk .

Looking for  natural fibre bed-linen or bedding but not sure where to start? Ask us, we’d love to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.  We will also tell you why its healthier . Choose from our 200, 400 Egyptian Cotton and 600 thread count cotton percale. NB :Please email us at for prices directly 

 Explore our  pure wool ,silk or goose-down  duvets or if allergic, silk is your best option. Our silk and goose-down inners have not been obtained at the expense of the life of the  silkworm or goose..

At AnnMack Eco we  are totally committed to ensuring that you are happy with your purchases . We go out of our way to make sure you find what you are looking for.  The sale doesn’t end when the money is in the bank. We do regular follow-ups to check that you are satisfied.

So whether you’re looking for a mohair blanket or throw, a Basotho blanket, a bamboo or cotton blanket or throw  made in SA of course –  cotton percale bed-linen, an Eco handwoven towel or a handmade felt product (or any of our original natural fibre, Earth Friendly products)  we are confident you will find it here at AnnMack Eco.


Please note: As many of our products are made to order so there could be a slight waiting period
NB : The easiest way to navigate the site is to click on “Shop ” and then choose your category.

For our Hospitality customers, please contact us directly: / 076 3588863

NB: If you live outside of South Africa, please email: for us to set up a one-off link for your purchases.

NNB: We also sell locally made Grade A Sheepskin slippers , please email for colours and prices