I want to buy a new duvet / duvet cover / pillow / bed-linen, how do I choose?

cotton percale made locally
Cotton percale in three threadcount options

As a consumer today, it can be overwhelming when faced with the plethora of choice  “out there “. Who do you trust? The large chain-stores who sell retail quality bedding? We focus on providing hospitality quality which has a much higher specification that retail quality…so it lasts longer…and launders better.
From our point of view, there are a few factors to take into account when purchasing something as personal as bedding.

1 Your budget. 

2 Personal preferences

3 Important details like the width and length of your bed and the drop or width of the mattress.Often the sheets we buy are too small and “creep” up over the mattress. Knowing the exact measurements is key to a good nights sleep.

4 The area that you live in. Gauteng has a much colder winter than Cape Town so would need a warmer duvet inner possibly. In Cape Town one can get away with an Autumn weight duvet inner plus say a Bamboo or Cotton blanket and be perfectly comfortable.

All the products available on our website have been chosen to provide and satisfy all the above options. If money was no object, you would be able to purchase our Winter Weight Pure Goose Down Duvet inner plus pillows, our 600 threadcount sheets and duvet cover  ( monogrammed with your initials of course ) and possibly one of our mohair blankets to complete a beautiful picture.

If like most of us that is not your story, then you might also consider making an investment of a Pure Down Duvet as it will last for many years to come. You won’t have to keep replacing it. You can also wash it which is important. Purchasing our Hotel Quality 200 threadcount cotton percale sheets feels wonderful ( not as smooth as 600 threadcount ) but gives that lovely percale “crackle ” when shaken.  Add a Bamboo or cotton blanket over for winter and you’re good to go.

Why purchase from our shop? We are not aligned to any brand. We’re totally independent. Because of that we can pick and choose only those manufacturers who have  proved themselves. Who  stand by their products. Who replace  a product if there’s a problem. Who listen if we ask. Who provide the very best quality that South Africa has to offer. Our reputation for excellence depends on them so we make sure that they are up to standard.

Because we supply direct from the manufacturer to you, this cuts out the usual chain-of-expenses- meaning that you get the benefit.

We are at the end of the line or email and we love hearing from you. ann@annmack.co.za or 076 3588863