Is AnnMack Home cotton percale bedding really so special?

This is a question I am asked at least once a week. The public is wary, having previously purchased bedding from major retailers, they find it hard to believe that good, old fashioned quality percale is available, I mean, where does one look? The common complaint from customers is that their percale sheets don’t last, their pillowslips start to separate from the stitching and after about 6 weeks the bedding just doesn’t look good anymore.

Here’s the thing ; You as a member of the public will be purchasing normal retail quality bedding if you shop at a major retail store.. I sell only Hospitality quality bedding. The difference? Hospitality bedding is of a much higher specification than retail bedding, its made to last, to be laundered often ….think about how often hotels and Guest Houses have to change their bedding….yes, after each customer. So the bedding has to be of the very best quality in order to take the constant laundering and use it is exposed to.

My sheets still give that gorgeous percale crackle after sleeping in them for a week  and that’s saying something!

My bedding is a tad more expensive than the major retailers BUT, it lasts so much longer. I don’t know about you but I really don’t want to be replacing my bedding every year,