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NOTE: Our current lead time is approximately 2 weeks of order.

Our silk duvet inners are produced by a working silk farm in South Africa.

Using ” thoroughbred ” Mulberry silkworms, we ensure that our silkworms are well fed and cared for. We don’t boil them alive to obtain the silk but allow the pupae to leave the cocoon with a little gentle persuasion…alive!

To weave the silk into a finished product is extremely labour intensive and we use the ladies from a Community Project to do so. This creates wonderful job opportunities for the  unemployed . It takes a lot of effort to wash, brush and spin the silk into threads ready for weaving but the end result justifies the means. Our silk is the more rough-textured silk which is used to fill our duvet inners and is also used for some of our interior decorating products.

It is thought that silk helps the body balance its natural electro-magnetic flow so sleeping under silk can have significant health benefits. Important of course to ensure that your duvet cover is also made from a natural fibre like 100% cotton percale so as not to inhibit the flow. Silk is also thought to help balance the body’s natural temperature regulation system  keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Our  silk duvets are encased in a 200 threadcount 100% cotton percale outer.

It is also thought that for an Asthmatic or someone suffering from allergies, silk is the best option as it has no allergic potential. We can also offer silk pillow inners , please see prices below in the drop-down menu.

Silk is the most ecologically acceptable of all textile fibres possibly. It is produced from Mulberry Leaves which is a renewable resource.

Our silk duvet inners can be chemically-free dry cleaned but cannot be home washed. We do however have a washing and filling service at a nominal price for your convenience.
NOTE : Only use 100% cotton duvet covers with your silk products – never Polycotton.  Our silk is all home-grown right here in South Africa.

Our duvets take time to make as each part is hand-made. It can take time as the process is labour intensive.

Available in Summer Weight ( 2 layers of silk ), Autumn Weight ( 4 layers of silk ),Duo – Summer and Autumn with tie options ( 6 layers of silk )

[content_band style=”color: #3333333#;” bg_color=”#CBDC9C;” border=”all” inner_container=”true”] [custom_headline style=”margin-top: 0;” level=”h4″ looks_like=”h3″]Testimonial[/custom_headline] Just to say how happy we are with our silk duvet. I have the light ‘Summer Weight’ king size and we found it warm enough even in the Jo’burg winter, when it was fine just with a quilt on top.

My husband’s asthma also seems to have improved, I don’t think the old down duvet was any good for him.

It is also very easy to put into the duvet cover. Thank you very much for you recommendation of silk for people with allergies.

~Linda James


[content_band style=”color: #3333333#;” bg_color=”#E3EDCB” border=”all” inner_container=”true”] [custom_headline style=”margin-top: 0;” level=”h4″ looks_like=”h3″]Testimonial[/custom_headline]

We recently changed our bed from a queen to a king size and we had a silk duvet which obviously didn’t fit the king size bed. After a lot of research we came across AnnMack Eco and contacted them about a king size silk duvet.  The response was instant and we had a beautiful king size duvet within 10 days of ordering . We ordered the autumn weight one and it’s perfect for the JHB winter . Ann’s after sale service is great as she follows up to see if you are enjoying the product etc. We love the silk duvet as its non allergic and lovely to sleep under.

~Yvette van der Weele






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Autumn 4 Layers, Duo, Summer 2 Layers

Duvet Inner Sizes

230×260 Extra Length King, 240×260 American Extra, 3/4, Double, King, King Extra Length, Queen, Single


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