silk pillowcases

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Pure Silk Pillowcases

silk pillowcases

Pure Silk pillowcases in three sizes

Silk Lady stack of pillows

Pure Silk pillowcase in 3 sizes


We’ve known for years that silk is probably the kindest fabric to sleep on. We sell silk duvet inners and the benefits are obvious. We’re delighted to have discovered these locally made Pure Silk pillowcases and here’s why  :

Benefits of Silk

    • Prevents facial skin from forming creases especially on the upper lip
    • Silk helps the skin maintain natural  hydration
    • It does not absorb your facial products while you sleep
    • You wake up looking fresh not frazzled
    • The lack of  friction prevents hair from “frizzing : and ends from splitting. Minimises damage to thinning hair
    • Silk reduces the loss of natural hair oils and moisture
    • Did you know that silk is naturally hypoallergenic?
    • Silk also naturally repels dust-mites
    • The sun, pollution, stress, smoking and many other factors dry your skin and hair.  Skin that lacks both oil and water will naturally show the effects of ageing faster.Made from imported  silk but assembled in South Africa
    • NOTE : Hand washing is recommended but can be washed  inside out on a gentle cycle using a quality  detergent.


  •  Silk Pillowcases

PLEASE NOTE : Actual size of the standard pillowcase is 45 / 70 not 50 / 70 as shown on the image above


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