Sale! wool mohair winter throw

Mohair and Wool Jewelbox Colours

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Mohair and wool throw

Jewelbox colours designed to lift the spirits.

Mohair and wool in Jewelbox colours

These Mohair and Wool products are among the world’s most sought after blankets and fashion collections. This item is hand selected  for discerning customers. Skillfully hand-made by South African artisans in the Cape Province from an intimate blend of Mohair and Wool.

Only the best  quality materials are used obtained from goats who live in remote parts of the Karoo, a desert area in  South African  that is known for its dramatic landscape and harsh climate. The  luxurious, unique and rare collection is made from some of the world’s most precious and most natural fibers.

A mohair and wool item is a perfect gift for the highly discerning natural fibre lover who  appreciates unique quality, beauty and authenticity!


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