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Goose-Down 100% Pure Duvet & Pillow Inner
Our Goose-Down Duvets are all made in South Africa

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Choosing quality

The majority of down products available today are mass-produced.  Feathers are processed or refined to imitate the softness of pure down.   During this process, the hard quill shaft is damaged which in turn causes it to lose its fine strands.  Over time the refined feathers disintegrate completely into a dusty mess.  These processed feathers, known as Q16, are used to stuff pillows.  Initially these pillows are very soft but unfortunately very soon lose its bulkiness, becoming flat and lumpy, unable to respond to the usual fluffing of the pillows.

Adding a certain percentage of pure unprocessed down to the Q16 filling mentioned above, you come to a quality referred to as Qulon.  This is used to stuff duvets.  Similar to the pillows, these products are initially satisfactory but over a short period of time the filling eventually starts to mat and lump together, leaving empty spaces and cold spots. Gradually, it will disintegrate until only dust remains.  The fabric used to manufacture the casings of both pillows and duvets isn’t dust proof, therefore unhealthy conditions are created especially when one is struggling with sinus- or allergy problems.  Imagine sleeping with your nose buried in dust!

The goose down and -feathers which we  use, remain undamaged and in its natural state over a period of time that might even outlive you.  Our cleaning process ensures that the filling is thoroughly washed – removing all dust and dirt. In addition, it’s sterilized and treated with an SABS-approved anti-allergic agent before filling the products.

Choosing Your Perfect Duvet

Warmth Guide

Start by considering the following:

  • Do you tend to be warm or cold while you sleep?
  • Is your spouse a warmer or colder sleeper than you?
  • Do you sleep in warm or cold conditions (eg room temperature and climates specific to your area)?

This is our fluffiest and extremely warm duvet which is designed as the optimum lightweight warmth. We recommend this duvet to those living in the colder areas of South Africa and to those whose bodies do not generate heat effectively and tend to feel cold very quickly during the coldest months of the year. Construction: As this is our absolutely thickest, fullest and warmest down duvet, we make use of the tunnel construction to ensure that the down filling stays in place whilst allowing the down clusters to expand to its unrestricted, fullest loft potential.

This has come to be referred to as the all season duvet as it is ideal for use throughout the year in South Africa, perfect for the average sleeper who does not struggle with being too hot or too cold. Add a 100% cotton or bamboo throw over for extra warmth, in summer you can store the duvet and just sleep under your cotton sheet and throw.

Construction: We have designed these duvets bearing in mind that the down clusters need to expand to their fullest loft potential in order to provide maximum sleeping comfort through proper insulation. The baffled boxes are three dimensional boxes with internal walls called baffle walls which separates the top and bottom layers of fabric. These walls keep the down filling perfectly distributed and in place, preventing cold spots.

This is our lightweight duvet, ideal for use during the warmest months of the year and is perfect for those people who tend to feel warm quickly and most of the time.


These duvets we have designed with a stitched-through box construction to ensure that the down filling stays in place whilst being perfectly distributed and allowing maximum loft potential of the down clusters.

Fill weight TOG value
Summer 4
Autumn 11
Winter 14
Combo 15

Ask us about our Lifetime guarantee 🙂

For specific sizes made that is not specified, email us at : , we’ll be glad to assist if we can.

We Care About Animals

Thank you for this beautiful Autumn weight duvet Ann. Its like sleeping under a cloud and its so light!



We care about animals


No animals are not  killed to make your duvet!

When you buy a leather wallet or a pair of leather shoes, the hide to make them comes from an animal that has been killed. It’s some consolation to those who love animals, perhaps, that a cow yields lots of usable meat to feed humans and other animals alike.

Purchasing an alligator-skin handbag means that an alligator was killed to create the accessory item. The meat from the alligator may or may not have been used.

While there are plenty of people who enjoy eating goose as a main dish, birds aren’t harmed to make high-quality goose down products. The best manufacturers use down only from free-range animals and harvest by hand.

The birds don’t have to be killed for down to be harvested. Instead, well-trained workers with talented hands and a great deal of experience gather top quality, large clusters of down and feathers by hand from free-range animals. They make sure to wait until the birds have reached their full size, meaning that the clusters of down have reached their greatest potential. That makes for better insulation in your duvets, pillows and sleeping bags.

You see, big clusters from mature birds hold pockets of air better than smaller clusters. In addition, the best makers don’t over-process the down once it’s harvested. Instead, it’s carefully washed, dried and used quickly.

Smaller clusters of down that come from immature geese or smaller birds, including ducks, don’t make good down products because they hold less air, compress easily and must be processed harshly to be usable.