Baby blanket Bamboo

Bamboo Baby blankets




Bamboo Baby blankets

Bamboo has many traits that make it better than synthetic fabrics, it is cheaper than silk and cashmere but it has the same comfortable luxurious feel and the ability to drape as they do.

Bamboo Baby blankets

Bamboo fabric is very durable, very absorbent and easy to care for. It can be laundered and is biodegradable and the bamboo plant which is a grass and not a tree is one of the planets most sustainable resources.Bamboo plantations are great for REDUCING green house gasses. The processing of bamboo into a soft substance that can be combed out and made into yarn is done with the use of natural enzymes.

It is being used more and more in Europe, The United States and Japan.

We’re all concerned about what we feed our babies and also what their tender young skins are exposed to. That’s why we only sell natural fibre products and have a range of exquisite baby blankets made from 100% bamboo. Bamboo is a natural fibre and allows the heat to move away from that hot little body into the surrounding air. It keeps baby cool when needed and also warm when necessary.

Available in three colours : Ecru ( in stock ), Powder Blue and Deep Salmon ( out of stock).

Makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift.