wool poncho linenwool linen poncho

Wool and Linen Poncho

R3,850.00 R2,250.00

Natural fibres are always best worn close to the skin. Unlike synthetics , they don’t bounce your own heat back at you but rather ensure that you maintain a lovely regulated body temperature.



wool , poncho , linen , winter

Wool and linen poncho in light grey

wool , poncho , linen, winter

Wool and linen poncho in shale grey









wool linen

Wool and linen poncho in pebble

wool linen poncho

Wool and linen poncho in shades of coral











Reflecting the earthy tones of Africa , our 81% wool 8% linen ponchos can be dressed up or down , depending on the occasion. They fasten with a clever toggle fastening – see featured product- drape beautifully and are warm , soft and comfortable.  They can be hand washed when required .Designed to last for many years and available in the 4 colour tones as shown . Each poncho / shawl weighs 850 grams approximately.

Please note  : This is a don’t- miss price as these ponchos usually sell for R3850.

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