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Silk Pillow Inners




Idea for the asthma sufferer or anyone with a sensitivity to down or feathers. Hot flushes or Power Surges? Remember , 80% of your heat is generated via your head. Silk wicks moisture away from the heat source and releases it into the surrounding air.. That’s why only a 100% cotton pillow cover and pillowcase will do. Synthetics , apart from being really harmful to the environment bounce your heat right back at you. Natural is the only way to go.

Depending on your preference , we have four weight options :

Soft 600g which allows one to tuck the pillow under the head easily

Medium 700 g should you prefer a slightly firmer feel

Medium / Firm 800 g

Firm 1000 g for a very firm feel.

Remember : It takes almost as much silk to make a pillow as it does to fill a duvet. The pillow needs to support the weight of one’s head.


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