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Pillow Microfibre inner

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White percale and bedPillow Microfibre inner

What makes for a good nights sleep? Let’s see :

A comfortable and supportive bed. 100% Cotton percale bedding that allows the air to circulate and move around the body. A dark room. Too much light – even the light from a clock-radio can interfere with our achieving  a really good deep sleep-cycle. Not too hot, not too cold. In winter a medium weight duvet is usually adequate, just add  one of our 100% cotton , bamboo or mohair throws  if not warm enough. Easy to remove .

Then there’s the pillow. How do we choose that “perfect” one?  Everybody is different. Every body has different needs. Generally, one or two flat pillows should suffice. You don’t want so many pillows stacked on the bed that it starts to throw your spinal alignment out when you sleep. See how you feel the next morning. Are you shoulders bunched and tight? Check the number of  pillows you’re using. Add or remove until you find the perfect fit.

Our super soft and luxurious microfibre filled Hotel Quality pillows are the perfect alternative to down and feather fillings. Microfibre replicates the properties of natural down and fills the pillow evenly.We use a 100% Cotton case for a luxurious feel.

This is an excellent alternative to a natural fibre like down if you are an allergy sufferer.

Fully washable at 40 degrees.

Pillow Microfibre inner