Handwoven 100% cotton towels




Handwoven cotton towels

Candy stripe cotton towels

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 Handwoven 100% cotton towels and hand-woven in the Karoo.

These are Multi-purpose towels, each one made by hand on an original wooden loom. The texture is authentic, each one slightly different…and the best thing? They are woven from natural unbleached cotton.

Use them at the pool, in your bathroom, as a throw, in or after the Sauna  or as a kikoi…entirely up to you. Some people love to use them as a table cloth or at a picnic.The wonderful thing about them as well is that they dry quickly so no damp soggy towels hanging about the place. They’re the same size as a Bath Sheet -0.8 a 1.65.

Our hand towels are all hand-woven using 100% pure cotton. The fabrics have a slub yarn woven in to give a more textured feel. They are currently available in natural cotton colour with either a red or sky blue stripe detail. All our fabrics have been pre-shrunk and are fully machine washable.  Handwoven 100% cotton towels

Love unbleached authentic cotton products? Have a look at our hand-woven table cloths as well.

Handwoven 100% cotton towels

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