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200 t/c Cotton Percale White Duvet Cover Classic Style



Product Description

200 t/c Cotton Percale Duvet cover Classic Style White

Crisp, white and fresh, our Classic Style is the “no fuss” finish that is so popular. Interestingly, this is the style favoured mostly by men!

We use the best quality imported percale from Pakistan.Our local seamstresses then transform the  percale into the wonderful products you see on our site. Remember, we use Hospitality Grade percale which is far more robust than  retail grade available at most retail outlets. Just think about how often Hotels and Guest Houses wash their  bedding and you’ll see why its so important.

Our bedding is generously sized, made from imported fabric but assembled locally by our expert seamstresses.

Cotton Percale 200 threadcount Duvet cover Classic Style White, a firm favourite for the “no-fuss” kind of person.

TIP : To keep your percale white, the occasional hot wash on 60 degrees will do the trick.  Wash on 40 degrees for the rest of the time.

Also , avoid the use of bleach and fabric softeners. Bleach can weaken your percale thereby affecting its life-span.

Some fabric softeners leave a waxy residue which can give your white percale a “greyish” look over time.

NOTE: Our duvet covers fit both standard and extra length beds,


200 t/c Cotton Percale Duvet cover Classic Style White