Bamboo Shawl 5 colours





Our Bamboo Shawls are hand-woven locally in South Africa  and  are of the finest quality.

Bamboo has many traits that make it better than synthetic fabrics, it is more affordable  than silk and cashmere but it has the same comfortable luxurious feel and the ability to drape as they do. A Bamboo shawl is wonderful if you travel a lot as it can get pretty chilly on some of those long flights. Bamboo is very light but very warm at the same time, making it ideal for the plane.

Bamboo fabric is very durable, very absorbent and easy to care for. It can be laundered and is biodegradable. The bamboo plant  is a grass and not a tree is one of the planets most sustainable resources.Bamboo plantations are great for REDUCING green house gasses. The processing of bamboo into a soft substance that can be combed out and made into yarn is done with the use of natural enzymes.

Soft and warm,  this is a product to treasure. Bamboo is a sustainable resource so not only is this good for you but also good for the planet. Remember, natural fibre allows the heat from the body to move into the surrounding air , so you stay warm but won’t “overheat ” . Some customers call this their “comfort shawl” as they feel so safe and secure  when wearing it.


Bamboo shawl in Duck Egg Blue

Our Bamboo Shawls area available in a colour  choice of :  Ecru ( natural) ,  Dove Grey , Duck Egg Blue ( a lovely soft blue ) Ruby Red and the perennial favourite Black.  Each shawl measures 2.5 metres x 0.8 so it lovely and long, you can really wrap yourself up in it.

Because our Bamboo Shawls are woven, each one can take up to 10 days before we  despatch  your order.

PS: Did we mention you can machine wash and tumble dry your shawl?


Bamboo Shawl in Ruby Red


Bamboo shawl in Black


Bamboo Shawl in Dove Grey