Sale! baby alpaca wool silk king size blanket

Alpaca , Wool , Silk “Magico” King & Throw Size




Some people ask what the difference is between a Baby Alpaca , Wool and Silk throw or blanket  , a Mohair  and wool throw or blanket and a Kid Mohair and Silk throw or blanket.

Its in the feel. Some people love the feel of mohair , some prefer Alpaca. Its a personal thing.

What we do know is that they’re all soft and luxurious , wonderfully lightweight yet incredibly warm.

Kid Mohair will always be the most expensive and luxurious as you can see from the prices.

Baby Alpaca  , Silk and Wool  is also incredibly soft and excellent for people with highly sensitive skins.

Mohair and Wool is the perennial favourite and as you can see  , mohair really holds a great colour.

baby alpaca wool silk king size blanket

62% Baby Alpaca , 19% wool and 10% silk makes for a soft , warm blanket


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