Cotton Percale 200 threadcount Pillowcase

600 threadcount Cotton Percale Duvet Cover Satin Stitch



Product Description

600 threadcount Cotton Percale  Duvet Cover Satin Stitch.

Cotton Percale 600 t/c Duvet  Cover  with Satin Stitch single cord trim is a beauty.

Possibly the very best quality bedding available in South Africa , our 600 threadcount bedding is made from imported fabric but assembled by our expert local seamstresses. Satin Stitch white-on-white adds a classic twist to this Oxford Style Duvet Cover. Speak to us for a full list of trim colour options available.  Our duvet covers are generously sized and will fit both standard and extra length duvet inners.

Percale is a plain-weave fabric, meaning that the warp and the weft threads cross over and under each other one at a time. The threads are tightly woven, which results in a fine texture and finish. The word “percale” is derived from the word “pargalah ” , a centuries-old cloth from Persia.  Products made from 600 threadcount have a luxurious look and feel.

In general, percale  with a higher thread count will be more durable and feel softer. A thread count of 200 is a good standard; a count of 400 will be noticeably softer and 600 even softer.

To extend the life of your 600 threadcount percale, machine wash at 40 degrees. To keep your white percale white, wash at 60 degrees once a month. Don’t allow the bedding to over-dry and iron while still damp.Avoid the use of bleach and fabric softeners as well.

Cotton Percale 600 t/c Duvet  Cover.


Dear Ann, 

It is so unusual these days to be able to say that as a consumer I had a wonderful experience. 

I found your website while looking for the best quality linen I could find and at some risk (as your name was unknown to me and I was not familiar with your product), placed an order that I was not sure would be delivered before factories close for the holidays, I had not seen the quality and had to pay a deposit up front. 

To my absolute delight you delivered the linen within a few days instead of a few weeks, with satin stitching and Oxford pleats AND your 600 thread count is the best quality I have seen.  Furthermore, you kept me well informed as to the progress, were cheerful and pleasant at all times and delivered the order personally.  

I enjoyed meeting you and especially your sense of humour.

Wishing you and your family a Happy Christmas and a successful New Year – just don’t change a thing! 

Pam Sorel,

Au Pear Guest House, Newlands.Cape Town

December 2014