Cotton Percale 200 threadcount Pillowcase

400 t/c Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Satin Stitch



Product Description


400 t/c Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Satin Stitch

Our 400 threadcount  Pure Egyptian Cotton percale is made from imported fabric but assembled in South Africa. Remember, the higher the threadcount the smoother the product. 400 Egyptian cotton is sublime to sleep under. Smooth , cool in summer yet warm in winter. The quality is unsurpassed and the product is both machine washable and can be tumble-dryed.

Natural fabrics are always healthier to sleep under as they allow the heat from your body to circulate around your body unlike synthetic fibres that trap heat. Its a fact ; natural fibres enhance your sleep experience.

This is an item that is both practical and beautiful. Choose from one of 17 colours for your satin stitch 1 row cord.

NOTE: All our bedding is Hospitality quality which makes it far more robust