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200 t/c Cotton Percale Cream Duvet Cover Classic Style

Product Description

C200 t/c Cotton Percale Duvet Cover Classic Style Cream

100% Cotton percale’s threadcount is determined by the number of threads on the warp and weft per square inch. We generally start counting at 200 threadcount which is a good honest quality percale. Our 400 threadcount ( Egyptian Cotton) has more threads per square inch so that makes it smoother to the touch. Our premium 600 threadcount range is even smoother ..of course the higher the threadcount, the higher the price.

What’s the difference between our percale and most others on the market? Well our percale is imported from Pakistan. Pakistan have been growing cotton for over 6000 years so they know what they’re doing. They’re regarded as one of the market leaders . Also, we use Hospitality Specification percale. This means that its made especially for the hotel , guest house and B and B. Our percale therefore launders better and lasts longer than the percale you buy from most retail outlets who sell retail specification quality only. Just think about how often the hospitality industry has to wash their bedding vs the average household.

200 t/c Cotton Percale Duvet Cover Classic Style Cream

Our cream percale is a lovely soft buttery shade of cream, not too yellow, not too pale, just right. Best thing is, you get the “percale crackle” when you shake it. Crisp, fresh, cool to the touch , keeps you cool in summer yet warm in winter , ¬†just like a good percale should. You won’t want to get out of bed !

Our duvet covers fit both standard and extra length beds

TIP: Ideally wash at 40  degrees , avoid the use of fabric softeners and bleach

NOTE: All our bedding is Hospitality quality which makes it far more robust

200 t/c Cotton Percale Duvet Cover Classic Style Cream